Aidy Halimanjaya, P.hD

Areas of expertise: monitoring, reporting, verification and evaluation

Subject: climate finance, institutional governance, fiscal policies

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My Impact Story

I am a proud Chinese Indonesian who believes that research and science in public finance can help my country and the world to be a better and greener place. Since my junior high until now I have been dealing with making finance more transparent and accountable. It was started from working as a church treasurer, school projects’ book keeper, business owner to most recently a fiscal policy advisor for Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance and policy advisor and consultant for some donor governments such as the UK, Germany and Norway. Other than my passion in research and science, I also an active triathlete who competes in national races and motivates many people to have a healthy lifestyle.

My research work largely deals with tracking monitoring reporting and evaluating financial inflows to developing countries including Indonesia. The finance is mainly provided by donor governments to pay for reducing greenhouse gases emissions in developing countries. Some of this finance is also allocated to helping vulnerable communities adapting to the impact of climate change. In daily basis, I have virtual and physical discussions with government ministries, NGOs, and groups of experts to think through how this finance can be used more effectively, efficiently, transparently and equitably.

So far, my passion in research and development has brought me to visit more than 35 countries around the world, work and study in 4 countries, namely Brazil, the Netherlands, the UK, and Indonesia. A few pages may not tell you the whole story behind the scene but here you can see the summary of my entire research journey and sports endeavour so far. 

It my dream that my vision, key strengths, active leadership as well as relevant academic and professional experiences continuously be relevant and are able to respond to the needs and challenges of our global world today.


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