It is the right call for me to attend the Conference of Parties (COP) 22, which potentially can be the last one ever. The COP 22, the largest United Nations event on climate change in 2016 was trumped by the result of the US Presidential Election. The entire mood of delegates and negotiators was tilted by rather a trivial question but an important one, what Trump influence will be on climate change? COP folks tried to answer with no end.

Exactly a month ago, a medium size truck came from the opposite direction and hit my face while I was still on my bike. I passed out at km 54 during my cycling trip to Cirata Dam due to a combination of low blood pressure and a shock of passing a speed bump. I think I was still clipped to my bike when my bike passed the line and cross the other lane. Bang! I was found under the truck with blood running down from my forehead and right eyelid. Fortunately I was still breathing.