It is the right call for me to attend the Conference of Parties (COP) 22, which potentially can be the last one ever. The COP 22, the largest United Nations event on climate change in 2016 was trumped by the result of the US Presidential Election. The entire mood of delegates and negotiators was tilted by rather a trivial question but an important one, what Trump influence will be on climate change? COP folks tried to answer with no end.

This topic smacked many people's head and took so much of their space while they should think how their country is going to implement the Paris Agreement and dealing with the status quo of people who enjoy from business as usual. 

Trump's world business empire is just started and surely he can do what ever he thinks best of his interest. He could make the US withdraw from the Paris Agreement, he could stop the COP with the US veto power by not agreeing to open the plenary, he could even declare a war against Muslim world. The latter is what I am scared the most. A new war triggered by racial and religious prejudice can turn down the whole effort of securing long term future including keeping the world's temperature below 2

degrees. I don't want to think about the war but it has a huge potential to happen. War involves a huge business and quick money for oil and gun industries that fuel billion dollars of US presidential elections. I am too scared to continue. 

I would rather focus on some crumbles of pieces I collected and recollected under huge giant COP22 tents. There are still few valuable things to bring back home: some reflection, some information update, a bunch of new ideas and initiatives, a few know hows and but rather a little hope for the future. 

Some future reflection

The next twenty years will be the period in which the humankind needs to do things in the right way, i.e. low carbon, otherwise it looses it chances to avoid a huge cost of natural destruction (Sean Kidney (CBI)'s statement at the COP). But what we see is its ugly beginning. 2016 has turned to the wrong end. Brexitthe recent Colombian referendum which is in favour of no peaceful deal with Farc guerrillas, and Trump's victory are the signs of the wrong start of the game. I myself loose a hope that anything will turn alright. I rather keep my belief that anything can happen and we need to be prepared for the worst. The next four years and a decade ahead will be tough! Uncertainty will surge as well as the cost of economy and that will have an unprecedented impact on the majority of people on earth, their pocket and livelihood.

Some information update on climate finance

COP22 is all about financing, but nothing new is resulted from the negotiation. The negotiation is somehow stuck and failed to result in a new market mechanism. Brazil wants to keep the Clean Development Mechanism while the rest of countries don't. It is still far to link a new market mechanism to non-market mechanism. We might need to wait another two to three years of talking talking until we might get one. No new move for a non-market mechanism either. No new pledge from donors although developing countries especially small island states are screaming asking more increasing finance mainly for adaptation from big donors, like the UK and the US which sink down their head due to political instability back home.

The state of global REDD+ finance can't be even worse; hit rock bottom, almost zero approved finance leaving only two projects up to October 2016. At this COP, no new pledge except the German announcement for its commitment to support Global Landscapes Forum for the next five years following the CIFOR announcement to make its largest event no longer back to back with the COP and  to be held annually in Bonn, Germany.

Green bonds are finally having the stage and acknowledged in the ministerial event meeting as one of the ways to mobilise private finance paying for environmental projects. Multilateral development banks are also placed on the stage being recognised and supported by the influential yet controversial world scientist, Sir Nicholas Stern. MDBs should play a larger role in climate actions, he says. It raises a question whether this will undermine the role of Green Climate Fund (GCF) and new emerging financial institutions which try to get direct access? Surely it will I think; the world reliance on these giants institutions will be even much greater than ever.

Money flow is clogged in many countries. On the down stream level, lots of broken tap when it comes to accessing finance; from political barriers to institutional unreadiness. On the upstream level, the GCF and other multilateral climate funds, like the Adaptation Fund have stringent policies and such a high standard for their accreditation and project approvalMany see these as another layer of bureaucratic process. This can also be seen as a performance based payment in disguise; who works hard, get the money. The only implication is who comes from nothing in place, i.e. the poorest countries, need to work the hardest and often get a little help. Can we recall this financing arrangement aligned with the UNFCCC principles of working accordance with developing countries' common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities and their social and economic conditions? Perhaps not. 

At the COP22, Indonesia has a beautiful pavilion with amazing posters showing the country's natural beauties; however all these not hide an ugly reality back home; a domestic political and financial stability at stake that called back the Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, from her way to COP22 although she made it until Amsterdam. On climate, key ministries are not yet reaching consensus on many issues, i.e. financing modalities, who responsible for mangroves, although we see them sitting on the same table at the COP and at many national events. This siloed view holds the country back while the same leaders call for immediate action on climate change. They must know that their rhetorical statement is cheap, but the cost of not holding it true is too great and too expensive.

New ideas and initiatives

I see many great ideas but perhaps a lack of commitment on how they can be written into a concept note and a great proposal and where they can be channeled. Indonesia Terang is an initiative which can be scaled up for sure and can tap a large international funding. Among many other ideas there are a 1000 bamboo village project, a jurisdictional approach to energy provision, a soybean approach of amazon fund to paying performance based REDD+ results, refining adaptation plan to be a great investment plan with clear linkages between output, outcome, impact and how much and how to finance the projects. So many things should be done and to start these requires an up front effort which often unpaid, Indonesia needs more heroes who initiate and move things forward.

A few know hows with a lot of sharing and technical guidelines needed

The how question is often asked but only few get the real useful answer. When I write this, even myself have difficulties to recall them from all talks in COP22. Not many offer great answers. From gender and climate finance, I requested the panelist to have a guidance booklet on gender so that gender component can be considered throughout the whole supply chain of climate finance from funders' decision making process to beneficiaries. We need a operationalisation and technical guidance; providing concepts is clearly inadequate. How to tap and access finance, we need examples of great proposals and technical guidance to develop them. Can this be developed as an online platform? I believe so. I am sure the existing technology can accommodate us. We need to work with a system developer and experts to make things to be generated rather instantly.

For those who just come back from the COP22, surely the to do list is getting longer and longer, lots of catch up meetings scheduled while the energy is low with a slight climate fatigue kicks in. A glass of banana dates avocado smoothies in the morning can help. Let's not let a little hope for greater good shadowed by the gloomy future and washed away too quickly. Although the global politics seem ugly and rather going into the wrong direction, but things at the local scale can be manageable and some still within our sphere of influence so I would rather focus on those rather than thinking too far right now. I will see what I can do and do it while I can and that's all.