It is my pleasure to be part of a relevant national knowledge sharing platform, Forum for Development Studies (Forum Kajian Pembangunan or FKP). FKP is a consortium consisting of various institutions in Indonesia, in collaboration with the Indonesia Project, under the Crawford School of Public Policy-ANU College of Asia & the Pacific – academic institution which holds a series of research based policy forums discussing research outcomes related to topical policy issues in Indonesia.


In the end of 2015, Arief Yusuf Anshory invited me to present my academic article, Donor Characteristics and The Allocation of Aid to Climate Mitigation Finance, which was accepted by the Journal of Climate Change Economics at 14th May 2015. A small and stimulating discussion was held in Rumah Cikini, Jakarta. This presentation is followed by another presentation about ecosystem services from a staff member of the Ministry of Development Planning.

This paper aims to identify the determinants of donors’ allocation of aid to climate mitigation finance. In other words, what are the drivers of donors allocating public money to pay for emission reduction projects in developing countries. Some emerging findings show that some donors give their money for political reasons to comply with binding international climate change agreement, whose absence is likely to reduce their allocations. I summarise this paper in a blog and also share the whole paper for further reading.

Discussions during this FKP raised some interesting questions and stimulated ideas further studies. One interesting idea is to capture the domestic political dynamic of donor countries, such as major political events. Although this paper does not capture specific political event or dynamics, indirectly this paper has addressed that by adding a year dummy. The paper captures a major political view of donor government, although arguably this does not vary that much over time.

 I take this presentation at FKP as an opportunity for sharing knowledge and to meet like minded people on development studies in Indonesia. I really recommend for research students, visiting scholars and development professionals to use this platform for developing ideas and networking opportunity.

Here are some slides I shared during the presentation.