It is a truly privilege to be at the World's stage as a policy advisor. With a group of sharp minded OECD experts, I compose a policy options paper on 'Enhancement of mitigation and finance reporting'. The report is prepared in advance as a discussion material for OECD’s Climate Change Expert Group (CCXG) meeting that will be held in Paris, 11-12 September 2017. The report will highlight the gaps

 from the existing reporting arrangement for mitigation (reducing greenhouse emissions) and finance received and needed by countries that are associated with it. Some options will be proposed to show how alternative reporting arrangement outside of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will be used to respond to the gaps. Preceding this event, I will be so delighted to join the La Parisienne, a 6.7km run for women only at 10 September 2017. Following the event I will be in London for another challenge, a 2 miles open water swim at the Serpentine River at 16 September 2017. I am looking forward to having all this joint business and sports trip.