Short or long distance triathlete: which one are you? I question this myself and throw myself an experimental journey with mini, sprint, olympic and long distance triathlon races in 2017 to find the answer. From the shortest to the longest I did: a sprint distance triathlon in Sungailiat Bangka Province Indonesia (900m swim, 27km bike, 5km run) in April, a mini Aquathlon in Saparua Island in May (500m swim + 7.5km run), Olympic Distance in Bengkulu in July (1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run), and 70.3 Ironman in Bintan Island in August (1.9km swim, 90km bike, and 21km run).

I am proudly say that I am not a runner and I just did the 2016 Angkor International Half Marathon (HM) in 1 hour 58 minutes 48 seconds after a month intermittent training. Some tricks and experience clearly are key for achieving what I consider a success with limited effort. I did not have long run trainings, but instead I did have a lot of tricks. I share them here in this blog.

A 500.5km ride unexpectedly ends my journey searching for home.    

For more than seven years I hopped from one country to another crossing oceans and continents. It is a long journey searching for the answers: what is home? where is home?  

Hitting two big birds with a stone, rowing once to pass three islands, business trip and a triathlon event; why not? It is another sweet blend this year after a short course and my involvement in a triathlon event in Tel Aviv. This time is in Agadir, Morocco, just before the Conference of Parties 22 of the United Nations Framework for Climate Change Convention. Such a long wait for doing an olympic distance this year.