A 500.5km ride unexpectedly ends my journey searching for home.    

For more than seven years I hopped from one country to another crossing oceans and continents. It is a long journey searching for the answers: what is home? where is home?  

Hitting two big birds with a stone, rowing once to pass three islands, business trip and a triathlon event; why not? It is another sweet blend this year after a short course and my involvement in a triathlon event in Tel Aviv. This time is in Agadir, Morocco, just before the Conference of Parties 22 of the United Nations Framework for Climate Change Convention. Such a long wait for doing an olympic distance this year.

I am proudly say that I am not a runner and I just did the 2016 Angkor International Half Marathon (HM) in 1 hour 58 minutes 48 seconds after a month intermittent training. Some tricks and experience clearly are key for achieving what I consider a success with limited effort. I did not have long run trainings, but instead I did have a lot of tricks. I share them here in this blog.

Indonesia cuisine has many tangy and delicious dishes but of course some of them can be super unhealthy. As an Indonesia female who is doing a triathlon and living a healthy lifestyle, eating out can be a challenge. Food is often either deep fried or sinked in coconut milk or santan with full of sat fat. Most of food also often has high density of solid carb. As millions of other Indonesia who love eating out, I explore that some restaurants, which people consider unhealthy, actually can serve my need for healthy diet. Even more there are endless combinations of healthy menu. Here I share some below for those who want to keep their body slim while keep eating out.