Indonesia cuisine has many tangy and delicious dishes but of course some of them can be super unhealthy. As an Indonesia female who is doing a triathlon and living a healthy lifestyle, eating out can be a challenge. Food is often either deep fried or sinked in coconut milk or santan with full of sat fat. Most of food also often has high density of solid carb. As millions of other Indonesia who love eating out, I explore that some restaurants, which people consider unhealthy, actually can serve my need for healthy diet. Even more there are endless combinations of healthy menu. Here I share some below for those who want to keep their body slim while keep eating out.

It is a truly a coincidence! I considered my participation in Tel Aviv triathlon as a blessing!

In a country where there are lots of fuss about politics and religions and where millions of people come for worship, I had the chance to taste the adrenaline rush of a sprint distance triathlon, swimming, cycling and running around the Mediterranean sea.

Wow!! I have never thought it is gonna be this fast, 7 kilos and 8% fat reduced in 40 days. Ask how? It is only a simple routine that I follow: water and lots of water whenever I feel hungry, eat natural food, timely food in take as when the body needs. That's it. No pill, no calories count, no fasting, no shake. Yet I can still perform my triathlon training to get stronger. Want to know more?